Wednesday, October 1, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things...

I am currently sitting at our computer listening to Jared read Ronin a bedtime story and I'm loving it. I keep thinking about how wonderful life is and thought I would write a post of a few of my favorite things.
  • As I mentioned above, listening to Jared read to Ronin. I love hearing him take the time to sit down and read to him. Jared has been really busy lately with the Edison program and so it really is a sacrifice for him to take that time. I also love the random pauses I hear him make and I know he is readjusting how Ronin is sitting on his lap. Ronin is really wiggly and will start to slide off your lap if you aren't careful.
  • The stillness after Ronin has gone to sleep at night. He usually falls asleep at about 8:00 each night and we have about an hour before we go to bed. The house is very still and peaceful. 
  • Ronin jabbering.  He loves to jabber, especially in the mornings. He will look at you and just go at it. 
  • Dancing in the kitchen. I don't know why, but I love dancing with Jared in the kitchen to country music. We used to do it all the time when we were engaged. It doesn't happen as often now, but it does happen. Country music is the one type of music Jared knows the words to so he'll usually sing along.  
  • Cuddling with Ronin. Ronin is a touchy feely little boy. I love laying down on the bed with him. He will roll over and cuddle right up to me. Sometimes I worry when he burrows that he can't breathe, but I adjust some and he's just fine.
  • Bearing testimony.  Lately I feel I have had quite a few opportunities to bear my testimony to people. I love the spirit that comes from bearing testimony and the strength that also comes from it. 
  • Going for walks. It is very refreshing to go outside and just go for a walk. There's not really many places to go around our place, but it still feels good. I also love when we go for a walk for date night. During those times Jared and I really get to talk about everything. It's great!
  • Fall leaves. I love seeing the leaves turn! They are so pretty. They also remind me of my mission in Cleveland. I first arrived in Cleveland this time of year and think about it every time fall comes around. 
  • Talking with family.  It's been wonderful to talk to our family while we've been out here. Technology has really played a large role in that. Each week we are able to video chat with our parents and whoever else is at their homes. It's great to talk and catch up on life. 
  • When Jared does funny things with Ronin. 
Like I said these are just a few of my favorite things as there are many many more! I better get going though. The dishes are calling my name.

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